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Mental Health

Comprehensive Mental Health Skill Building

Behavior Health & Wellness Center in Richmond, Virginia, specializes in mental health skill building and crisis stabilization for those in need. This is facilitated through our mental health skill-building service (MHSS).

About MHSS

This training service is for individuals with significant mental illnesses and is not meant to be clinical nor preventative. MHSS is designed to train individuals in the functional skills of daily life, including the use of community resources, medication management, and the monitoring of nutrition and physical conditions.

We love helping those with mental illnesses achieve stability and independence without restrictions. Other benefits of MHSS include:

  • Improving Self-Esteem
  • Accessing & Receiving Entitlements
  • Securing and Maintaining Housing
  • Mother & Daughter Program – Building Behavior Skills
  • Packing Medication Boxes & Monitoring for Accuracy
  • Helping with Basic Cooking Skills (Healthy Foods)
  • Developing Appropriate Personal & Home Hygiene, Dressing, & Laundry
  • Increasing Community Integration with Appropriate Social Skills
  • Building Transportation & Shopping Skills
  • Maintaining Healthy Lifestyles &/or Addressing Health
  • Educating about Mental Illnesses & Symptoms
  • Maintaining Self-Awareness Regarding Symptoms
  • Identifying Satisfaction in Life
  • Achieving Personal Growth
  • Budgeting/Money Management Skills
  • Accessing & Utilizing Community Resources
Family, Parents, Children

Contact us to build necessary behavior skills with our mental health skill-building program.